Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tonight's the night...

I'm getting back to my rewrite of RIHC6v2 and will spend the weekend working on it. I want to get a polish off to the publisher by the end of next week so I can focus on not only my next book but also the job I'm doing to make a living since I ain't making a living no other way. *rant-rave-snap-snarl-growl-grr*

Suddenly I'm reminded of a Donald Duck comic book I had back in the 60's, about Donald and his nephews being in the Caribbean and running into an ancient conquistador who was guarding a hidden treasure. He was dressed in armor and spoke in odd phrases, and he kidnapped one of the nephews to train him to take over as the guardian. Donald won the day by catching a rat with attitude and putting it down the back of the conquistador's armor. But before he did that, he showed us the pissed off rat in a cage...and this little thing was going "snap, snarl, grr" all over the place, and it scarred my brain -- in a good way. Whenever I feel facetious, I use that little critter to emphasize to myself how silly my supposed anger is.

I have a feeling book 3 of "Bobby Carapisi" is going to be as much of a process as RIHC6v2 was, maybe more-so. I don't want to refer to this as a fight or battle anymore; I may whine about the process and complain and bitch and moan, but I still enjoy it in too many ways to go all "snap, snarl" on it.

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