Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weird deja vu-ing

I've been having a lot of odd little deja vu moments working in this office, from the view out the bay window I inhabit when there's a line of parents in cars waiting to pick their kids up from the school next door and a school bus can't pass because a pickup truck's parked illegally to a cat crossing my desk to sip from a highball glass full of water to seeing the kitchen in a certain light after a certain discussion on the phone. I've had them at my apartment, too, and during a drive to work as I passed the local "Forest Lawn Cemetery" which has Millard Fillmore as one of its permanent guests.

Driving past the cemetery is actually nice, because it's all to the east of this winding road while to the west is a park with a lake (another moment of deja vu). I usually hit 75% of the lights; seems Buffalo hasn't learned Beverly Hills' trick of setting all the lights to go at the same time...which is fun to see while driving down Santa Monica.

I got an acknowledgement from Nazca Plains that they'd received RIHC6v2. Another step on the road to completion.

I watched "The Queen" again, last night, and think it's a VERY well-done drama that makes the Royal Family's concerns about showing concern and sympathy to the public over Princess Diana's death compelling and real. Of course, Helen Mirren was letter perfect as QE2, but the rest of the cast was up to her level -- Michael Sheen as Tony Blair, James Cromwell as Prince Philip, actually everyone involved, making it seem almost like a documentary instead of a dramatization. Highly recommended.

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Penman said...

I liked it too. The frightened action of Prince Charles compared to his mother's stoic stance when anything threatening came along was a bit disturbing. I didn't know or rather wondered if he is actually that afraid? It seemed a bit overdone yet it could be just how he is.

The scene with the queen in that beautiful hunting estate and the stag was fascinating for me. The stag free and proud and then later hanging for dressing and the queen's look, as if she can see the demise of her own way of life someday.

A film very well done.