Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arizona SB 1070 -- Sieg Heil!

It seems Texas and Arizona are on a race to the bottom of the pack when it comes to decency and respect for their citizens, and Arizona just got the lead by passing a law that codifies racial profiling of Latinos. Anyone who says it's anything else but that is flat out lying.

This bill doesn't target illegal Irish; they look like white folk. Same for illegal Canadians and Germans and Swedes and Russians. Illegal French and Italians can sort of look Latin, but most likely all them local redneck cops'll look for are the Indio-Mexicanos -- the ones who don't look Castilliano but have the Aztec or Inca features. You know, like 'Merican injuns do but with brown skin instead of red and with squattier noses (I did not come up with this description; a friend of mine's father once used it to rant against "beaners"). Of course, Arizona already does DWB so African-Americans will see no difference.

What this means is, now it doesn't matter if your family goes back ten generations -- and lest we forget, Arizona was part of Spain and Mexico for more than a hundred years prior to becoming a US Territory, so there are a lot of Latino families in that state that have been around longer than the white folk -- if you're Mexican-American and don't have a passport proving you're a United States citizen on you at all times, they can deport you. Period. Driver's license doesn't count. Green card MIGHT be okay, but I wouldn't bet on it.

And it was all done by the Republicans. And if you belong to the Republican Party, you are giving this type of fascistic garbage your tacit support.

Well...this is disgusting. Disgraceful. Despicable. And the disease is spreading through our nation, thanks to the GOP. If the Democratic Party doesn't do something about it and do it NOW (and fuck Obama's dithery little wish for consensus) then they also tacitly agree with this growing filth. After all, silence = consent.

(BTW -- you might notice the Arizona Legislature didn't target the people and companies who HIRE illegals; that might hit too many white folk who support the bill but still want their gardens cultivated and homes and offices cleaned for $5 an hour, no taxes paid.)

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