Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inching forward

I worked on BC3, last night, and plotted out the ending section. Of course, it being Eric running the story, he gets the last words in...and it feels right. So now I just need to connect all the spots I've written and shift the ones that no longer fit out of the way and into their own section. I may let that one be a series of vignettes. I don't know, yet. Don't even know how long BC3 will be or how much trouble I'll have with it. Eric wants to be done but Allen is still playing coy.

A fellow author just published his sixth "Mark Julian, Vampire PI" book and is pushing out his seventh, soon. They really are a series and a nice easy read with some surprising attitudes popping up, now and then -- like an archangel who might be up to no good but who definitely does not give a damn about human suffering, an obsessive female werewolf into using toys on her boys (did I mention these have a bit of wary erotica in them?), a difficult relationship between a normal human cop and a 2000 year old vampire. Doesn't hurt that he's my namesake...Kyle (Cicero). His books are pure escapism and genial fun, even in the middle of a slaughter. I wish my writing could be that light and breezy.

I've also read Bob Archman's "Clydesdale" series of mysteries. He sort of a raw, rough and tumble, gay Raymond Chandler with characters of a different sort in his writing...including a main character that's got height issues. Fun in a different way, and more up front about the sex.

I wish the pictures had come out a bit neater. I got them off Nazca Plains' website since the ones from Amazon have stuff added to them.

Now back to BC3 and Allen's intransigence (I love using words I need spell check to spell).

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