Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jaunting up to Toronto

Quick jaunt up for business and a short wander...

The CN Tower, of course, tallest structure in the world...unless that thing in Dubai is more than 1800 feet tall. Which was all well and good but what I really wanted to see was...

Toronto's City Hall. It's considered a landmark building in architectural history and I read a lot about it when I thought about being an architect (for about six months). It was just going up then. This one, I got smiley about. was spent doing zero writing but, instead, driving about in another country and trying non-stop to convince myself I'd really left the US. Everything is SO MUCH THE SAME, it's spooky. I could use US dollars (though I got change in Canadian); all the cars and roads were a HELL of a lot the same and they even have spaghetti-bowls of freeway interchanges that put LA to shame; they got high-rise condos all over the place that would not be out of place in Chicago or Seattle; and the food's the same (Wendy's, Burger King, MacDonald's, you name it).

I had dinner at Ruth's Chris on a friend. Filet mignon with a salad, whipped potatoes, a glass of Cabernet, a cup of hot tea and dessert...for about what it'd cost in LA. But it was damn good. I spent more for the same basic meal at McCormick & Schmit's (sp?) in Chicago, eleven years ago and it was hideously bad.

And I took pictures. I even went to the observation deck of the CN Tower and stepped onto the glass floor to look down 1100 feet and got seriously nervous...which was weird, because that thing was rock solid and people were scooting about on it and I knew it was all fine in my head...but not actually seeing anything holding me up brought out the visceral freak-out in me.

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