Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dawgs is dawgs

And dogs are long as they're somebody else's.  Because they are as much trouble to take care of as a child (and I make the same comment about kids -- they're great so long as they ain't mine).  But dogs can be so much THIS video.

Human voice helps...but even without the words, it'd be funny.  Same for the cats playing "pattycake."

Tho' this was taken off a video that was shot two years earlier by another guy.  Just seeing the cats do it was fun but the voice-over made it hysterical.  But then, cats are more casual than dogs...less needy.

Unless they're a couple of drama queens fighting over who gets to use the heating pad on my desk; then it's ALL the-emotional-maturity-of-a-five-year-old-brat time.

But again...considering my current lifestyle, even with a cat it's better when they're somebody else's.

I'm halfway thinking of handing Brendan a complication by hooking him up with a stray in Houston.  Be interesting to see what happens.

I'm still in book 1 and working in more and more of the times and events while still trying to keep track of all the characters swirling around Brendan.  A new one just popped in...well, one I'd referred to in an earlier chapter and hadn't intended to ever show, but then history overtook me and I let it.  When I'm done plotting out the remainder of this section, I'll have to go back and refresh my awareness of the period leading up to October 1972.  That's when this part of his story ends and a new one begins.

Brendan's pointed out that I'm doing a biography of him, really.  Like Carl Sandburg did of Lincoln and Robert Caro did of LBJ.  Both of their works stretched over multiple volumes.  Granted their subjects were major historical figures who actually lived and impacted the world, but who's to say that's not what Brendan is going to do?  He's already showing a politician's way of getting by -- using evasiveness when required, conniving when needed, focus when warranted and silence when necessary.  He's becoming more and more interesting to me, every day.

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