Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

You know the flight's gonna be bad when...

Eight old ladies in wheelchairs are ferried aboard before they even start loading.  Yes...8 old ladies.  All of them looking like they actually did need those chairs to get around.  And yes, as I feared, the Southwest flight from Phoenix to Buffalo was packed with Canadians.  137 seats; 137 passengers.  So my little trick of getting a seat in the very back didn't work.  I wound up being joined by a mother and daughter, the girl afraid she was going to throw up and mom having a case of...oh, let's just say she had to go to the lavatory a lot.  And I was in the aisle seat so I could flex at least one elbow.  Worked out good, right.

Oh...and we are not much impressed with the Kia Rio.  Granted it had an automatic, but without using the AC and doing 90% of my driving on the highway, it only got 33 mpg.  My 13 year old Civic 5-speed betters that by 2 mpg on mainly highway and can do as good as 37 mpg if I keep it at 70.  No, not impressed.

Lots of turbulence on the way, but I still was able to do some work on LD.  One more read-through and that'll be that.  Now I just need to find that note from the attorneys who told me about copyright law and send it all back to the publisher.  This could still fall through, since they have not made an official offer, yet, but only expressed interest so I shouldn't be expecting too much.  Still, it makes me feel better about my work, having someone other than Nazca Plains wanting stuff I've written.

All of a sudden I want a glass of Cabernet.  What's THAT all about?

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