Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to Amazon

I posted a number of DVDs and books for sale on Amazon; I have a seller's account set up from back when I was jobless and broke and selling off anything I could to keep afloat.  So far, I've made $200 towards paying down the debt we ran up to bury mom.  It won't get put into my account till the end of the month, but soon as it is I'm popping a check off to my sister, and that'll cut us down to just having $800 left outstanding.  Then I can focus on lowering my Visa balance since those guys're charging 15% per year.

Kelly had an interview with Northside Independent School District for a job and I'm keeping my fingers so tightly crossed he gets it.  The pay isn't great, but it comes with benefits.  The only thing is, it'll be at a school that's hard to get to by bus so he'll have to use his bike partway there and to get home...and San Antonio has drivers that aim for bicyclists.  Not a great set-up.

Since it's an evening position, I'm still hoping he goes to St. Phillip's College.  If he can manage to get a certificate in electricity or air conditioning, it'll help him a lot in the job market...and in his self-confidence.

As for me, right now my apartment is a disaster area.  I had to unpack a couple of boxes to get to some of the things I'd sold and decided to use the packing peanuts in them for the packing job, tomorrow, which entailed doing some running around and stacking more crap everywhere.  I need more shelf space.  A LOT.

The publisher asked me to do a proof of LD anyway, so this time I printed it out and will red pen it...which meant getting a new black ink cartridge.  I'll get onto it, tomorrow.  And I can only point out typos; if I try to do any polishing, they'll drop the book and charge me for the work they've done.  Can't blame 'em, really...and it gives me an excuse to just say no to the characters.

Looks like New York's packing jobs, next month, are shaping up to be a big deal.  But it seems LA is off the table.  I'm not surprised; I know who the artist is, and the guy's reputed to be something of a freak.

Besides, I also need to do laundry.  I think I'll start on the LD proofing Sunday, as I do that.

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