Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bobby Carapisi is complete

Meaning it's now available in Kindle on Amazon and will be available in Nook on Barnes & Noble. I just got the word and checked. Not everything is aligned, yet (it may take up to a week for the Kindle versions to show on the same page as the paperback versions), but at least it's now as available as it can be in all three volumes. I don't know what effect this will have on sales, but I can no longer call it a detriment.

I've slipped into a serious blue mood, probably because I don't feel all that well. I'm still battling a problem with my right eye and my nose is still going nuts from all the dust I unloaded from the boxes, yesterday. And that was with me dusting everything before I packed it. I think I'll just watch a movie, tonight, and sort through a few more boxes of my crap.

I'm noticing more and more people who voted for Obama in 2008 are deciding to just not vote for President in 2012 because he's proven to be such a disappointment. Me included. I may volunteer for the Democrat running for Congress in the Buffalo area, but no money or time from me for Obama, this election. He basically is Bush's 3rd Term. And if the DNC screws the election up and lets somebody like Perry or Bachmann get into the White House (which is becoming more and more likely considering how fucking stupid the GOP has proven to be and politically inept the Dems have been), then I'll petition to move to Canada.  I'll live in friggin' Winnipeg or Calgary if I must, since they're pretty snotty about who can immigrate to Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver. But that will mean the end of the US.

I know this sounds rotten -- that I see a Republican becoming president as fatal to the country and won't help the nominal Democrat (who's really just a Republican in Dems clothing) continue with his double-dealing ways -- but I honestly don't see any reason to help the man. He and his administration have consistently spit on people like me and dismissed us and ignored us and betrayed us, then acted like we'll vote for them anyway because we have no one else to turn to. That's the attitude of an abuser, and I will not tolerate it.

More and more Democrats are seeing the best way to protect the US is to support progressives for Congress and on the state level.  Push for THEM to get in, and ignore the double-dealing cowards who currently run Washington from both sides of the aisle. If we can put in solid majorities in both Houses...maybe even veto-proof majorities...we can do what our so-called leader won't. Lead.

So if Obama wants to fuck people like me over, then it's his own damn fault if he's not re-elected. Because the truth is, I honestly cannot see him doing anything to counter the Talibangelical push to make this into a "Christian" nation; he's not built to push back. Our only hope for the Presidency is if someone runs against him for the Democratic nomination and wins it; then I'll do everything I can to get that person in.

But Obama? He can kiss my ass.

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