Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First casualty

I dropped my framed photo of John Huston and it shattered into pieces. I was hanging it on the wall by the front door and got distracted. Oh, well...I got everything else up on the walls without catastrophe.

I'll be in Secaucus, NJ the week of the 12th.  Spent most of today setting that up and canceling my trip to Philly. While Southwest won't give you a refund on your ticket, they will let you use all of its value for another flight, and that's without a penalty charge. That's why I prefer to fly them, even though their flights are getting to be more and more crowded.

Y'know, the first time I went to Ireland I flew Aer Lingus from LA, non-stop to Dublin then on to Shannon, since I was staying in Galway. This wasn't that long after 9/11 and the plane was only about 2/3 full. Plus it was off-season, since I was going in March. Man, I got spoiled on that flight. Same coming back. A full row to myself so I could stretch out and snore. It almost makes you want to travel Business Class, it's so much nicer...on flights other than Southwest's; all Business class does there is get you to the head of the line. That's getting harder and harder to tolerate.

Lately I've found it harder to stay tolerant of people who's opinions are just plain wrong, in my eyes. And I'm not talking simple politics, here, but also business and general opinions. Verizon started pulling some crap on me so I said I was canceling my service...and suddenly I got a $100 Visa gift card and everything cleared up. Seems since my Mac Mini is on the older side, they had to allow for that instead of force me to upgrade to a newer version of my search that required I upgrade to OS Leopard. Don't need to, no more.

I even got into an argument with someone I sort of knew on FaceBook over whether or not pouring hot sauce into a child's mouth as punishment is child abuse. Apparently some woman in Alaska did it to a boy she'd adopted from Russia in order to get onto Dr. Phil, then was charged with child abuse and convicted. She now faces up to a year in jail. I say good, that she deserved worse. He said it was a governmental overreach, that it was equivalent to washing a child's mouth out with soap (something else I think is wrong, considering the crap soap's made from, these days; hell, I can't even use some of it on my skin). I was stunned, and after some back and forth on it where he could not even begin to see where he was absolutely, completely and totally wrong, I un-friended him. What's really sad is, only two other people agreed with me; the rest of the commenters just made jokes about it.

In fact, I've un-friended a number of people on FaceBook, including family. I no longer feel the need to tolerate what I see are appallingly stupid attitudes and actions. I mean, anyone who tries to justify child abuse is unredeemable in my eyes and not worth my time. The same goes for people who turn their back on their own blood relatives. And there are too damn many people running around in the world spouting off things they were told are true but fly in the face of facts to even consider getting into a debate with them; Seriously, trying to discuss reality with someone from the Tea Party is like trying to convince a Goodyear tire that it's really a space ship. It's an exercise in stupidity and you look foolish trying.

I'm tired of dealing with people who are silently toxic to me...and I'm sure some of them think I'm really the toxic one. And maybe I am. Maybe I'm finally giving in to my inner asshole and saying, "Fuck it." Next thing you know, I'll be buying a house just so I can stand on the front porch and yell, "Keep off my lawn, you damn kids" at the neighborhood brats.

World, meet the next generation of Scrooge. "Hi, get the fuck to work!"

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