Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Me and Texas dust

The damned stuff hates me.  Digging through my mother's stuff I'm stirring up dust that's thick enough to grow crops in...and it's attacking my nose and eyes with a vengeance.  Even with me wearing a water-soaked bandana, I'm sneezing my guts out and my eyes are close to puffy.  But it's beginning to settle down, finally; we have most of the stuff gone.

I knew mom had a lot of crap but suddenly it just seems to be multiplying.  I unloaded 6 bookcases filled with not just books but papers and tidbits and videos and such, and we sold all 6 for $20...which is 19.99 more than they're worth.  The wheelchair is going back to the rental place and most of the furniture is gone to storage for later yard sales, all of which will go to paying down the debt incurred by my sister and me for her funeral.  Even a simple service and internment in a small single plot cost over $7000...and that's not counting a gravestone.  Jesus.  I'm joining the Neptune Society and arranging for a cremation and having my ashes dumped out by Catalina Island.

In coming down when I did, I got to see mom and talk with her and try to help her get better, then I sat with her while she drifted away.  It meant losing out on seeing the reading of the first 10 pages of my script in Toronto, but it's good that I chose this.  I can see the script online at WildSound's page.  It's an okay reading and they cut it off before the final setup was revealed, but it's fun to see.  The link to it is below.

"Find Ray Tarkovsky" is my most commercial script...and did well in other competitions but, as with all my screenplays, went nowhere.  I'm open to comments...and if all goes well with "The Lyons' Den" I may use the same formula to make it into a book.  We'll see how that goes.

I'm proofing LD now...well, beginning tonight.  I did a pass through it but my head wasn't in the right place for it so I'm doing a real one, now.

A "real" proofing.  How silly a thing to think...but I can be.  And want to be.  I'm not ready for stillness, yet.

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