Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

125 pages; 30,000 words

That's where OT stands, right now. The sections aren't connected, yet. I have the beginning, two chapters in the middle, and the ending set...and I figure I'm about 40% done. Meaning this book's going to be about 75-80,000 words long. Fun.

Rose of the Golden Girls has mellowed, somewhat. Maybe I should call him by his actual name, now -- Donald. He's in a relationship and has a couple of kids he and his partner of seven years adopted. And there's an elderly lesbian who used to be a Rosie the Riveter and worked for thirty years at MacDonald-Douglas in Long Beach before retiring to Palm Springs with her partner.

The story's becoming convoluted as I go along, even though I know the ending and who did what, where, how, and when. I'm trusting Jake to pull it all together in the end. He's proving to be one dangerous wolf-of-a-detective, always having a backup ready in case his first plans go wrong. I wish I was like him.

Right now, I'm just scrambling to be ready for August. One positive note is, my sister was able to get a medical loan to cover our brother's dental surgery and dentures. She says she can handle that, leaving me free to keep supporting little brother till he's healed and back in order. Hopefully, that will help him find steadier work, because I'm 90% sure half his problem in finding employment stemmed from his teeth being in such bad shape, people thought he was a crackhead.

You'd think he'd have it easy, because he's Anglo and wants to do groundskeeping for apartment complexes and prep apartments for rental. That work is usually done by illegals in San Antonio because they're willing to work for minimum wage. But the GOP have been so busy threatening Latinos all across the board, I can't imagine businesses being willing to hire anyone Hispanic unless they have a US Passport to prove they're American citizens. It's like that all up and down the border, even into California. All of it backed up with some of the most racist nonsense I've ever heard.

But that's America. When I read that Rodney King had died, I looked over some of the comments on CNN and Yahoo...and they were vile. I know a lot of that crap's been there since before the Civil War, when blacks weren't even considered human even by men of God, but to see it so casually put forth...and applauded...and defended is just sickening. That's one bad thing about the internet -- what used to be considered too disgraceful to even discuss is now shouted from the rooftops with pride. Almost always anonymously.

If the left wing doesn't start fighting back against the right wing with the same vehemence they use against us, this country is doomed.

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