Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to the pad, dad

Got home an hour ago after another long but much nicer drive. I like coming up the 81 to Syracuse; it runs through some lovely green mountains and elegant rivers. Heading down the 90 is a chore because it's as typical as a Texas freeway, albeit with no exits for miles and miles and miles; it's a toll road.

So one of the three jobs got postponed till mid July and all I had to do was an auction house run, today, which was interesting. My Google map said to take the Queensboro Bridge as the easiest way to get to the place...and that was so wrong, it was funny. I could have been to the auction house and halfway back to Buffalo by the time I got through the traffic...part of which was a nice little 10 minutes worth of gridlock.

I got caught in that in LA, once, but was able to get off the road, park at a McDonald's and have dinner as the cars worked themselves up to moving, again. On that day, it took me six hours to get from Santa Monica to West Hollywood. took me 45 minutes to get through one ludicrously planned intersection by Queen's Plaza.

Getting out of Manhattan was a lot easier. I took Broadway up to The George Washington Bridge, and traffic was really fast. I'd never been along the Broadway Malls, before, and it was actually nice.

The great thing is, I got in and out of Manhattan without paying a toll.

But now I'm beat. And my eye is still a bit irritable but is better. I didn't eat till I got home; I just wasn't in the mood for food as I drove.

Of course, Sunday I'm training it back down, via Amtrak, and planning to stay a week. We'll see how that trip goes.

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