Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New sales figures...finally

All updated for my first 7 books. Through the end of 2011 I've sold nearly 2100 copies, with HTRASG, my first, being the biggest seller -- 941, and it's still chugging along. Doesn't sound like much, until you consider the average total sales of a book is 500 copies; that puts me solidly above average. Next is PM with 378, RIHC6v1 with 307, RIHC6v2 with 167, BCv1 and BCv2 with 135 each,  and BCv3 with 29.

I'm disappointed in how the BC series is selling, but I can't say I'm surprised. It winds up being $30 for the three volumes, in Kindle, when they're being discounted. I can't imagine anyone wanting to put that kind of money out on a book that has a tragedy at its core (and hasn't won a Pulitzer). If my name'd been Shakespeare, that'd be one thing...but it's not. I think I am going to work on the publisher about letting me make a single edition of the book available through CreateSpace to see how it works, offering it at maybe $20. See if that makes a difference.

I'm still sick and contemplating staying home, tomorrow. My head aches and my sinuses are killing me, but I think I kept this thing from traveling to my chest. So far.'s been a while since I've had such a nasty summer cold.

Of course, when I feel bad, I have a hard time writing. I managed to get through to the halfway point with IF, but it's been a slog. Things'll be going great and then I'll come across a sentence that makes no sense and wonder what the hell I was thinking, writing it...then realize it was redone by my "partner." And there have been a couple of places where he changed something that he didn't think was right for how things worked and I had to completely restructure the lead-in and information so it sounded consistent with Vinnie's voice and didn't come across as a plug-in of information.

I'm getting to where I hate this fucking book.

It's funny how that works, but as much as I enjoy and whine about my much as it can seem like a chore and something I cannot do without...when I'm doing it for me, I can live with it all. Doing it form someone else's sensibility and also having to deal with their poor grammatical skills has shown me I have no business being a ghost writer or rewriter. It's insulting to me to have anyone who cannot even use proper punctuation tell me what to write.

My Leo-like arrogance is threatening to take over, again. Roar.

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