Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Found out a part of what I was planning for OT won't work. Dammit. I had it all written out and was using it to illustrate the sneakiness of the DA's office...and things just don't work the way I thought they did.


But this is why you have to do research. I could have put this stupid idea in the book and it would have destroyed the whole premise. I was really careful when it came to BC, even met with an ADA in LA to make certain certain parts of the story would fit within the realm of reality (cost me a sandwich from Cantor's). But I was also careful enough to keep it in Eric's and Bobby's perspectives so little errors could be brushed off as mistakes in their perceptions. I think it worked.

Of course, I would. I haven't had a professional review of it. Of any of my work. I've tried to get people to do it -- at "DNA" and "The Advocate" and the like -- but generally got ignored. Which may be a good thing. When I look at official coverage of my scripts, it depresses me. Usually because it's so damned brutal and occasionally snotty. Even when I got positive coverage, it was qualified.

But those are just the ones who paid attention to the story; if they didn't and their commentary was riddled with errors, I could ignore them. I might not be able to do that with a review by somebody in something like "The National Review" or "The NYT Review of Books". Those people back up their critiques.

Maybe that's why my world is so apart from life, right now. I need the protection of a cocoon of a sort to let me go from being a fat little caterpillar to a monarch butterfly. Man...could I have chosen a gayer image?

I had an odd dream, the other night. One that's still with me, which is unusual because I rarely remember what my dreams are about. And this snippet was me at a house or film set, where Elizabeth Taylor was the star. And she was in her second period of beauty, like during the "White Diamonds" moment. I asked her to sign a card saying how sorry we all were that Diana Ross didn't get a role in some other film, and Elizabeth went ballistic and cursed me...and I woke up.

Got no idea what that means, if anything. Except I'm truly psychotic. Hm...that would explain so much.

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