Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Too busy"

That was the excuse President Obama gave for not trying to help recall Scott Walker from being Governor of Wisconsin. "The President has a lot of responsibilities." And, apparently, helping the people who helped him get into office is not one of them.

I've finally realized Obama is not a Democrat. He's really a Republican at heart. He's done more for the GOP since being in office than he could even think of doing for the Democrats. Expanding wiretaps? No big deal. Targeting American citizens for assassination on the flimsiest of excuses? So what? Not going after Bush and company for war crimes? That's the past. Not closing Guantanamo Prison? Oh, did I promise I'd do that? Extend Bush's tax cuts? But of course. Investigate fraud in the banks and Wall Street? No way. Give tax dollars to the people who crashed the economy with no strings attached? Why wouldn't we?

It made no sense until I finally realized he is not one of us...and by that I mean, not a Democrat. I already knew he wasn't a progressive but still voted for him because the alternative was the catastrophe that John McCain was offering. Now I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it wouldn't have been better to let McCain win (I'd never vote for the SOB, but I could have withheld my vote from Obama). We'd be in the middle of a depression, but the GOP would be held accountable, like they should be, instead of being able to push everything off on the black man in the White House and we might already be back on our way to health, again.

Of course, McCain could have been a thousand times worse. I don't honestly know. I just know that in every presidential election since 1980, I voted my conscience -- which got to mean neither Democrat nor Republican in 1996 -- until '08, when I held my nose and voted for a backstabbing little prick whose skin is thinner than a gossamer wing and who was lying through his teeth the whole time in order to get elected. Hillary would have been a better deal for us all. That the Tea Party and the GOP refuse to acknowledge Obama's aid to them only shows how morally corrupt and racist they are.

The Green Party is holding its convention in Baltimore, 12-15 July. If they nominate someone, I'm voting for him or her. And if Obama loses to Romney, it's his own damn fault for betraying us. I know what it means for the country, but the fact is, the GOP is a cancer, and sometimes in order to kill the cancer you have to use treatments that are almost as dangerous as the disease. Yes, there is a risk it will kill the patient, but if you don't do anything the patient dies anyway.

So to hell with the Democrats and fuck the Republicans. I'm going Green.

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