Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Venting helps

Even if it IS like passing gas into the wind. Got everything done I needed to, today...except groceries for the trip, which I plan to pick up, sat down and Jake introduced me to Donald, AKA: Dion, AKA: Rose of the Golden Girls. They had a nice 11 page chat where details about Owen were revealed, along with tidbits of Jake's past that I wasn't aware of (and which will not be mentioned until the book is published).

I feel like I actually accomplished something. I'm packed. I have my CD player set, along with extra batteries and a number of CDs for the trip -- Depeche Mode, Enigma, a few other eclectic choices. I figure if I'm going to spend half this trip on the road, I'll at least have some decent music to listen to instead of searching for anything other than religious or country or soft rock from the 80s.

When I'm home, I still like to stream archived music programs from KCRW or else listen to Pandora (though their selections are too type specific). That's how I found out about Zero Seven, was KCRW. But lately it seems they're playing the same things over and over, again, like they have their own version of the Top 40. And some of the singers they're championing are just god-awful. For a while, every program had this thing called "The Lions Roar" that stinks as a song...and now they've got another one by the same singer-writer...and I dislike it almost as much.

While I'm driving around Buffalo and the area, I listen to CFNY, out of Toronto. Except for this morning "Dean Blundel" show where the DJs prefer to listen to themselves talk rather than play music, they have a pretty good selection. I especially enjoy the playlists of Josie Dye's Top 20 (because they're never the same) and Fearless Fred. I heard my first Florence and the Machine song on there as well as The Black Keys.

On the drive to work, I listen to a classical station, WNED, but that disappeared when my car's battery was replaced; all my saved stations vanished and I had to re-input them. I missed any announcement as to WNED going off the air, so I'm not sure if it was taken over by aliens or christians out to spread their commie dogma. "Think like us or you'll die."

Looks like that's the way the country's going. Last week, Mitt Romney said 30 things that were flat out lies, and he wasn't called on one of them by the Mainstream Media. Not one. The GOP is trying its usual blackmail to force the Dems to let them cut spending to poor people more and give even greater tax cuts to the rich, despite the rich now being richer than they've ever been in this nation's history, and a big "both sides are at fault and need to just get along" from the MSM.

Well...that's how Hitler got into power, with the help and acquiescence of the media. Guess we're out to show just how easy it was. Too bad the Democrats are only putting up a minimal resistance.

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