Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Alice 65 grows

I've got the first act of A65 done and giving a couple moments a bit more breathing room works a lot better, but it's added half a page and I haven't even gotten to the parts that need serious Lando's party, leading up to Adam meeting Gertrude and nearly drowning. And I realized I never have a simple explanation scene of what's going on, near the end. That'd be a mistake -- assuming the audience can read my mind. I haven't got much of one left to read.

I also realized a very emotional moment is better at the end than in the middle of the chaos it's in, right now. At least, I hope it's an emotional moment. It may be too obscure to matter by this point. But you don't know till you do it, do you?

At least when I do the book, I'll be able to dig deep into Adam's psyche and background. I have the first sentences already figured out -- "Books were Adam Verlain's life, and not just any books, but old ones, rare ones, nothing newer than 1900. Hemingway, FitzGerald, Spillane, Wolfe, none of them held more than a passing interest for him; he was never happier than when surrounded by the first type-printing of Chaucer or a 'Liber Chronicarum' or Blake's 'Albion', all built into glorious bindings of leather or vellum and worked into being centuries ago." Meaning I'm going to try the third person, omniscient route for this one. The only other story I've done that for is "David Martin", which I posted in full on this blog a year or two ago.

I'm also thinking of doing DM as self-published, with artwork, through Create Space and Kindle, if this thing with BC works out. Still thinking on this.

To my surprise, I heard from Nazca Plains about BC, and the publisher's sending me the letter of authorization I need. I should have it in a few days. Wow, he's never responded this quickly before. Must not want me to start whining and harassing him.

Man, I love that Daylight Savings is gone. I feel like I'm back on the proper track, again. I even indulged in watching season 2 of "Being Human". So far, I've only see the first couple of episodes, but I still like it. They're trying to do what Joss Whedon did in "Buffy..." -- make each character about a certain type of addiction or need, like drugs or promiscuity. It's not as clever as Joss' work, but on its own terms, is just fine.

Bob Dylan's on WFUV singing "Tangled Up in Blue". That's too weird.

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