Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Enjoying GoodReads

"How To Rape A Straight Guy" has found a whole group of people, both male and female, who like it.

Here's one from a guy in Quebec:

As Chekov thought, sometimes you're caught in your own destiny; and when this is not a good one, it is hard to get out of it. The author says that he would like to make movies. I hope he will make a movie out of this story. He would not need a lot of money because nearly everything happened inside jails or a garage. No special effects needed, just a real good actor to play Curt. Sure I would go to see such a movie.
The main character is criminal, with serious mental issues, and the story is so compelling you can't stop reading. The story line gets darker and darker and all you can do is read faster and faster. And when you think it can't get more twisted it goes into awesome mode and all you can do is keep reading and gasping and thinking that this can't be happening. The mc was believable with a first person narrative that was utterly authentic. This book stands out. It deserves awards. I am impressed. With that said I truly hope the title changes as it likely is keeping people from a true gem. I'm glad I bought it against my initial misgivings however.
Many reviewers find the story hot. I do not find r*pes hot, even though I understand what could happen in jails and how you could go from a little smear of sh*t to very deep sh*t without nearly understanding what's happening to you.
The author is certainly excellent because, despite all the evil that the main character did, I felt emotionally close to him all along this story.

This one's from a woman from who knows where:

Ok, so WOW. The title really doesn't do this book justice and it would probably get so many more sales if the author changed it. It, IN NO WAY, prepared me for how awesome this book is. I've read one other book that I tagged as psychological genius; this book makes two. It's kind of eerie how well written this book is considering the fact that Curt is an uneducated ex-con, who speaks in slang and broken English. But man, oh man, he lets you inside his head and doesn't let you go. The book is written in first person and Curt's mind is a dark, depraved place BUT as he relives his childhood and every unfortunate circumstance in which he's found himself over the years you can't help but empathize. It really makes you question whether some people are just destined to have horrible lives and are unable to avoid making bad decision after bad decision.

But, to the book. Curt is an ex-con trying to make it on the straight and narrow. He can't find steady work, the pay sucks and to compound matters, his wife is sick and tired of him not pulling his weight. Enter Wayne and Lenny, two gay men he meets in a bar, who sucker him into a bet that Curt can get any guy off, whether they claim to be straight or not. The payoff? Lenny's dad's used car and $1000. Plus, of course, Curt gets to have sex with a guy that will be selected based on his specifications. He agrees and goes home with Lenny and Wayne, lets them suck him off for $250 (easy money he can put in his wife's hand to shut her up) while they formulate a plan as to how this bet will play out.

This all sounds simple enough, except, there are moments of clarity where Curt realizes that things don't feel right. For one thing, there are times when a side of Wayne emerges that's not the desperate, unloved gay man he first appeared to be. He also seems to have the upper hand in the friendship, and a quiet forcefulness that gets Lenny to fall in line when he needs him to. Then there's the fact that he seems to know just a little too much about kidnapping and restraints. Curt resolves to watch him...and he starts to pay more attention. And as Curt gets these ping ping moments in his brain, you the reader get them in your pulse like 'Oh gawd, this can't be good.' The anticipation is crazy.

But, here's the kicker! Even though there's a voice inside Curt's head warning him to walk away NOW, he can't because as much as he claims to be straight, he's come to love the feel of being inside a man. Prior to his six year prison stint, he was all about the women and he still loves being with his wife, but more and more he's wanting the feel of the male body, that feeling of power it gives him to see a man as big as himself submit and man, he wants the man they've agreed to target. He really, really wants him. So he brushes that voice aside.

And steps into hell.

Things go very wrong, very fast. And Curt, not the most patient, rational man at the best of times, allows the darkness within free reign. This book is only 144 pages but honestly, I'm not sure my heart could have taken much more. Read it. I know it's expensive. $9.99 for 144 pages is against my religion. Heck, $9.99 for any ebook has NEVER happened for me, but it is worth it even though it's not lendable on Amazon. Bastids.

I'm sure I'll read it again. I just need some time...and a drink. Be aware. This is NOT a romance and it's not happiness and sunshine. I had to create an m-m general shelf just for this.

And I didn't pay them anything. Cool. I'm beginning to think about turning "Blood Angel" into a book, now...but then I remembered a script I started writing years ago called "The 6 Days of Jemmy T" that never came together. Now, however...Jemmy's hinting.

I got too damn many books to write!

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