Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Learning curve

While redoing BC during a short lull at work, today, I found an inconsistency in how I'd set the book up. It only has a few chapters, which I capitalized and underlined on their own pages...all except for one. Which I did not notice until today. So I won't have a chance to deal with this further until Monday. Man, self-publishing is a pain in the ass...especially when you're prone to making mistakes, like I am.

One of my scheduled packing jobs in NYC decided they want me to do the work a few days earlier, which cuts into a major job I'm doing for NYU the week of the 10th. And they aren't willing to reconsider. Problem is, they're a good client; I've done five packing jobs for them in the last 2 years. But...they've also hinted that they don't think I'm very organized when I pack for them, so maybe I should "have an assistant."

Which is nonsense; they're the ones who don't get me the packing materials I ask for, forcing me to make do with what they have, much of which is the wrong size and has to be cut down or adjusted to fit the books I'm making ready. But it's a big enough company to where there's a lot of internal politics going on, and people shifting blame for their own fuck-ups. Looks like I'm getting set up to be the next goat.

It irritates me when things like this happen. I've been so flexible with these people, letting them put me wherever they want, to work, and give me confusing paperwork, and adding in books and things to pack that weren't part of the deal, and so on and so on...I honestly don't feel like dealing with the nonsense, anymore.'s the reason I'm working up here, and I can't get away from it.

I did a little on A65, tonight, and discovered I'm committing a major error in some action in the script. Adam brings a cup of tea to Elizabeth, at the beginning of the story, and that's a no-no in rare books, unless you have a spill-proof container. One overturned cuppa can ruin a hundred-thousand dollar volume. Which I don't mention. Dumb.

But that's another good thing about the book -- making me see the story from a slightly different perspective and showing logical flaws that need correcting before it goes out into the cold, cruel world.

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