Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Should I cut or what?

I've got this little sub-theme going in A65 about a pair of Paparazzi guys following Casey and Adam all over the place and escalating what they think they can get for the photos and videos they take of what happens...but I'm beginning to wonder if it's too cluttery. It'd work in the book, no question, because you have room to breathe while writing a novel. But is it good for a screenplay? Structure has to be stronger. Everything has to fit better.

Thing is, I like having the guys as a vague sort of Greek Chorus, and they factor into the ending. And they add humor to the piece in ways I can't seem to do with my two leads, even after the comedy writing class. I guess I'll leave them in and see what the feedback is.

I voted, of course. Mainly Democrat. Some Green. Zero Republican or Libertarian or Independence Party. I prefer Obama to win over Romney, but it's becoming painfully clear the Senate is staying in Democrats' hands so even if Mittens gets in, he'll be held somewhat in check by that. For the record, I could not vote for either one; I voted for Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee. If there'd been any chance NY would go for Romney, I could have made myself vote for Barry...but the state's officially his, now, so there.

Of course, the GOP is already planning for 2016, and working up ways to keep Obama from achieving anything that might help human beings as opposed to corporations over the next four years, should he win. And if Obama keeps true to form, he'll still try to compromise with the scumbags. He's already talking about changes and cuts to Social Security and Medicare, as part of some "Grand Bargain". Never mind the GOP hasn't kept a single one of the deals they've made, yet, and are blackmailing the country into letting them have their way, like terrorists. I can't tell if giving into them is all part of O's real plans, or if he's insane for trying the same crap over and over and over, or if he's just stupid. Like it matters. Boehner will continue being a prick, as will McConnell.

I'm not watching the returns, anymore. It's ridiculous. Five'll get you ten Romney winds up suing over something to try and change the final count or get the Supremes to anoint him, like they did Bush, and it'll go on for weeks.

And weeks.

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