Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Stonehenge beckons...

I've got it set to see Stonehenge and Old Sarum the day before I leave London. Got the train ticket and the entry fee done; just need to hop a bus when I get there.

I'm staying at a B&B in Wimbledon that's only half a mile from the location of the job. This should be nice. I'm seeing two areas of the UK I've never seen before.

I'm also doing a packing job on the shoreline of Maine, of all places. Just after Christmas. There's a B&B up there not far from the house. And I'll be traveling through Boston, where I've never been before.

I'm feeling very much a man of the world. Right.

I'm doing the packing job on my own, which upset the people I work for. They told me they didn't want to do it due to there not being a lot of profit in it, so when the guy asked me, I took it on. It may be a huge mistake on my part, trying to handle this on my own, but I could use the extra cash and so jumped in. But since I'm doing it, anyway, they thought it should be done through them. I didn't quote enough for there to be any profit, so I said I'd rather keep it on my own...and they weren't happy. seems whenever I try to do things for myself, something screws up. Now my nervousness about the job has multiplied. I can just see this turning into a catastrophe thanks to my inexperience.

But I'm still doing it. God help me.

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