Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I have no idea what is wrong with the Kindle version of "Bobby Carapisi", at all. I've tried changing the font, altering spacing, making certain everything matches up perfectly, double-checking the links in the Table of Contents...and I still come up with massive "warnings" and Kindle refusing to acknowledge I have a ToC. It will link from the ToC to a chapter, but you can't link back.

The only guy who's tried to help me, so far, only knows PCs, not Macs, so his suggestions don't work for me. And I don't have the time to haunt the boards to find someone who's had a similar experience and find out how they handled it. I need to focus on "The Alice 65".

Crap. I spent hours going over the Word file, making sure everything lined up right and according to the setting suggested by Kindle's Guide. Now I've got a headache and my butt hurts because this new desk chair I bought is not very comfortable, and I'm finding I slump over more in it.

Hell with it -- I'll worry about that crap tomorrow.

As regards A65...I'm shifting back to a situation that sets up the ending a bit better, but it means making someone a real jerk. That could work...but I can't go too far with it. I guess I'll try it out in the new draft and if it's too much,discuss it with the character.

Been listening to WFUV online, the music station for Fordham University. Great selection of music in a rock vein. Pandora's good for mindless background music. KCRW's streaming doesn't work out here unless you dig into the archives, and they aren't exclusively music. I don't like talk radio and NPR has been very irritating lately, with their forced balance between the maniacs on the right and liberals, with everyone calling for a "bipartisan Congress" while completely ignoring the fact that the GOP doesn't want compromise; they just want capitulation.

I use them to get me up in the morning then I turn off the radio and listen to classical or jazz en route to work.

Everyone is ready for this disgraceful election to be over, but they don't realize it won't be on the 6th. It's going to keep going until 2016, if Obama wins. And if Romney wins, it'll go to 2014, when the GOP tries to oust more Democrats from the Senate so they can control the country, totally, and help their rich buddies get richer at the expense of the idiots who voted for them.

Plus if Obama wins, he'll probably be impeached within a year. The GOP uses that as a political weapon against Democrats, now, and too damn many Americans agree with it.


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