Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Almost caught up...

I'm feeling edgy from not writing. Too bottled up. Ready to rip something open...or someone...on the page. It doesn't help that I keep running into stupidity every time I turn around. For instance, I had a reservation at Best Western in Pasadena for my stay during the book fair, but I postponed it when the Santa Barbara job came in. I called on Friday to tell them, and the clerk said she'd take care of it...but didn't. So they charged me a night for not showing up. That's why my reservation vanished and we spent an hour getting me checked in, the following night. And it went downhill from there. By the time I checked out, I'd given up on Best Western.

I didn't find out about the charge until today, when I printed up my Amex statement. So I called and the desk clerk wouldn't let me talk to the manager. After trying to get him to understand when, where, and why it happened, he finally asked me to send him proof of the charge, because he says they didn't do it. Can't find any record of it. And on and on. I sent it, and they're gonna refund this. Period.

But it was like that all day -- dealing with people who can't, who don't bother to read the information on an airway bill that actually gives them the information they're saying they don't have. And with a fax machine that suddenly decided to send faxes through twice, causing mass confusion on the other end. And with a shipping system that suddenly won't let you update information in it. I guess it's not just me and my laptop having problems in the world. I've even got a couple of websites telling me they won't even talk to my system unless I switch my browser to Chrome or Firefox.

So this non-stop frustration feeds into Dev's mental state and Jake's antsiness and will even fit Brendan's simple desire to be left alone to live his life. There's too much to keep up with in this brave new world; no wonder people are tensing up and freaking out.

I better get back to my writing before I become one of them.

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