Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

In LA and fellin' good

Well...except the hotel I'm staying at is seriously questionable from a utility viewpoint. Best Western has finally shot itself in the foot with the latest hotel that's got serious WiFi problems...on top of other issues. And I know it's not my laptop; I'm at the Pasadena Convention Centre using their WiFi without a hint of trouble. Got on and no delays. Next time tech support says the fault is in my Mac, I gots the response.

I've gotten no writing done the last few days and only a little editing. It took forever to get my work done thanks to the sloooooooow internet service and the breaker flipping off on my hotel room, twice...and I'm beginning to complain. Not cool. Besides, my brain is still working well enough to think and prepare for the next bit of work on OT, UG and even FCB...and I know I should just spell the titles out but I'm trying to get a lot done and even more caught up with so I'll deal with that later.

My ending to UG has become more specific, thanks to a photo I saw. Dev is not a nice man, in so many ways, but that's what makes him capable of handling the problem. He's as dangerous as the killer, though he'd never admit it. And aspects of his life are coming out that deepen least, I think they do. He's veering closer to Curt in HTRASG than Alec or Antony in PM or RIHC6, respectively...which is making the whole situation interesting.

Tawfi has a hint of gentle chaos to him, which is proving off-beat. It's my hope that I'll figure out what the hell to do with it as the story progresses. And Reg is fighting to be simple and straightforward...and rather innocent. Which I find interesting for a cop to be.

What the heck...a story is exploration of sensibility and reality and all the attendant nonsense that goes along with life.

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