Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My day has been made...

I spent all of it trying to get everything set up right for FCB at Lightning Spark, and finally had to give up because they won't let me continue until 3 errors in the submission of the e-book file are corrected...but I have NO idea what those errors are. Their gobbledy-gook explanation means nothing to me, and they ani't responding to my queries. So I guess this fucking book keeps on the plat till Monday. Dammit.

BUT...I did get some uplift in finding this on Tired Old Queen at the Movies' facebook page -- a movie about a killer condom made off a Ralf Groenig comic book. I nearly died laughing. Can't be real -- it is. Here's the IMDb page. Gives me hope for Hollywood.

I've had three people now tell me I should make How To Rape A Straight Guy into a film. Maybe I will look into that. See if I can connect with Chi-Chi LaRue, again.

I could use Johnny Hazzard for Curt and Benjamin Godfrey as Shayes...

Johnny'd be the right age, but I don't know if he can act. I've only seen him in photos. Most porn stars have zero charisma or ability when they open their mouths to speak, but a few have indicated they could have been decent movie or TV actors.
Ben Godfrey's a bit on the young side and may be a bit too skate-board boy...but his look works. And he's got a nice snarly persona that would fit an uptight cop.

Which now begs the question -- have I gone crazy?

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