Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Finishing off January with a prat-fall. I was headed out to grab some dinner, when I tripped on some uneven sidewalk and planted my face into it. Busted my lip, chin and scraped up my nose, very nicely. Scared the hell out of a dog tethered nearby. It wasn't pretty.

So booked it back to the hotel and lay ice on it for nearly an hour. Feels a lot better but looks like I've been in a bar fight. There's also a scrape over one eye and a cut along one nostril of my nose. My jaw aches a bit and I'm feeling it in my neck, too, so fortunately I don't have to do anything tomorrow and can recuperate.

Wound up having cup of noodles and a pint of Mango Sorbet for dinner instead of a burger I was aiming for. It'll be fun to explain this to the dealers, come Sunday.

Worked on FCB's reformatting...and it's still bad. I'm a third of the way through. I'll see about getting it done, tomorrow, since I don;t plan to go out...except to eat. Find some pureed soup and sip it through a straw.

So damn dumb....

UPDATE: I don't like to do selfies, but this is a special occasion. Here's how I look 24 hours later. I feel like I should have a caption over my head going "Grrrr....don't you go messin' with the French-Norwegian-Irishman, punk."


MAC said...

OH MY! You poor thing! Was anyone there to help you?

JamTheCat said...

Worse -- people ignored me. I guess they thought I was drunk, or something. It happened in front of a restaurant so I went inside, got some paper napkins to hold the bleeding and headed back to the hotel.

So far all I've eaten is soup; I'm starving for a burger, right now, but my jaw still aches a little. Tomorrow, maybe.

MAC said...

I can't believe it, how sad. I hope the aches & pains go away and you get that burger. Maybe I'll send send you a What-A-Burger!

JamTheCat said...

I love time I'm in town...