Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Total plotting done

I now have all of Underground Guy plotted out and have worked up all the characters I need. Now comes writing it...and that will be fun. I've got my research done and setting it in London has made it even better. A couple of changes to the murder victims has also made it tighter and cleaner...and hit me hard. Seriously, I had an oddly painful reaction to the moment when Dev sees the crime if they'd really happened. Now he's earned his hurt eyes...

I've always had a hard time killing people in my stories, even though it's necessary, on occasion. It took me months to accept Bobby's suicide in Bobby Carapisi...and the murder of Collier Winston-Royce -- I had to just refer to it. Antony never gets to see the video that was shot of him being killed; it would've changed the whole story.

It's the same in my screenplays. When the story demands a death, I have to talk myself into it. Someday I want to write a suspense thriller where no one dies but it's still as scary as hell. I wonder if I can. Hitchcock could do it with the murder of one person...

I worked on UG while doing laundry and then spent the evening catching up on my ironing. Hours worth. I wound up watching The King's Speech, again, and snippets of another video. I still think Tom Hooper was a crap director on this, but Colin Firth's subtlety was impressive, as was Geoffrey Rush's. Helena Bonham-Carter's role was minimal but she did a lot with it. The script was very workmanlike.

Next weekend is the Oscars. I haven't seen a one of the movies nominated. Have no idea who should or should not win. I'll still watch and pig out on bean dip, Doritos and Dr. Pepper...but I guess movies are no longer my life's blood.

Which makes me sad.

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