Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cleansed the palate a bit...

Sort of lost today...wandered here and there online...did a little cleaning up...let my brain float like it's in the middle of a pool of still water under a midnight sky...and then Carli and Zeke showed up.

I wrote a scene where they're at a target range, and I do mean scene. I wrote it almost like it's a moment between two alley cats sniffing each other out to see if they're friend or foe, revealing nothing but what they have to...and not even that, really. Action movie dialogue. Here's the first couple pages:

Carli takes apart a pistol, checks it, cleans it, puts it back together, fires at a target. Misses. Zeke shrugs, "No big deal."

"Barrel's warped." Carli says.

"That's your excuse?"

"Stand right behind me."

He does. She aims at the target...but just a bit off-center -- bulls-eye!

"How could you tell?"

"Way it kicks."

"Try this."

He hands her his AK-47. She checks it.

"This is your baby."

"What you mean?"

"Doesn't need cleaning."

She loads, checks the site, makes adjustments and -- BAM-BAM-BAM! Bulls-eyes.

He nods. "When I was over there, I heard stories. This one unit had a girl sniper."

"GIRL sniper?"

"Word was, she could hit your spit in the wind, from a thousand yards."

"When you were deployed?"

"Second tour was three years back."

She nods to his leg. "That happen then?"

He shrugs a yes. "Army says they got no female snipers."

"They're right."

"How long you been out?"

"Long enough. You?"

"Bit longer. Why're you here?"

"Why're you?" He just looks at her. "Your accent's north country, not desert."

"...What're you up to, Carli?"

"Couple beers, if you are."

"Tell you my life story?"

"That's the only way you get mine."

"Thought it was ladies first."

She pinches one of his tits. "I'm no lady."

"You don't care about...?" He raises his bionic leg.

"Zeke...shut the fuck up and kiss me."

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