Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Once again, the Oscars are controversial...

This is so funny. Apparently, because all the acting nominees for this year's Oscars are white, it's "just awful" and "infuriating" and on and on. Al Sharpton wants an explanation and Spike Lee's screaming, "Fuck 'em." As if it was some grand conspiracy to diss the African-Americans who wrote and acted and directed films this year.

First off, I can't believe this is even a story worthy of headline news, but the media's all over it. ISIS throws gay men off a building to execute them and posts images of it, and nothing about that on CNN or MSNBC or Yahoo News. But David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay get passed over for nominations and it's racism, racism!!!!

I'm trying to think of a single year where the Academy Awards has NOT dissed somebody...and can't. Jimmy Stewart was passed over for Vertigo in 1959, a performance that's now considered his best. Marlene Dietrich was shrugged off for Witness for the Prosecution in 1958 when she did an amazing job. Hell, even Bette Davis was ignored for her powerhouse work in Of Human Bondage, causing a major uproar...and that was in 1935. Even this year, nothing for Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie or Ralph Fiennes or even Special Effects for The Hobbit.

There are so many other places that need anger and attitude slung at them -- the GOP for attacking Social Security, Obama for enlarging the surveillance state, multi-billion dollar companies like GE not paying a penny in income tax, a military budget closing in on a trillion dollars a year, cops out of control and killing people left and right, and on and on. To make a big deal out of an awards show that rarely honors those who really are the best is just plain silly.

But I think that's all we have now instead of honest thought or contemplation -- childish temper-tantrums.

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