Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's still going on...

I was working on the ebook for The Vanishing of Owen Taylor and found a typo. A friggin' typo! I put do instead of so in a sentence and just happened to notice it. Which has now jolted my paranoid side and will slow down the print edition because now I need to go through the full thing and see if I can find any others. That or pay a couple hundred bucks that I don't have for another proofing.

Of course, that led to other changes I wanted to I figured,Why not? I guess I won't stop working on this book until it's sold come copies; then I'll have to let go or make it a new edition and I've got too many other projects to chase for that to happen.

This means I'm resubmitting the text for the paperback. Which is irritating, but not doing it will drive me nuts so it's the better option. At least all three editions have the same changes, and the ebook is close to being ready to submit. I just need to link the Table of Contents to the chapters. I hope.

I'm off to DC on Sunday and another big packing job that people seem to think can be done in one day. Maybe it could if I worked with a couple guys and just slammed books into the boxes. But I don't treat books that way. And if they don't like it, too bad.

Then there's another possible job in Berkeley, next month. That's still very much up in the air, so it could fall apart. But it would be interesting. I've never actually been to Berkeley; the closest was Oakland. I'm not crazy about the trucking company we use, there...if it's big enough to actually need them. Maybe I'll talk everyone concerned into letting me drive the shipment down to LA.

Yeah, and maybe pigs will roost in the trees, tomorrow.

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