Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I love writing except when I hate it...

And right now we are not having a love fest. I've been trying to work out another way for me to get in the occurrences I need in Place of Safety for the story to advance while keeping it within the realm of reality, and the muse is not helping. Instead, I'm being messed with. It's irritating as hell.

I did manage to step back from having one character in it who was just a bit too much on the convenient side. In fact, it was a very easy method of handling Brendan while being not the least bit realistic, considering there's a curfew he's violating. So out it went and that put me one step closer. But I still need a reason for this pistol to be in Brendan's hand at this time...

Something I may do is shift up relationships in here. That might help. Right now, I've got Brendan's older sister, Mairead, living in Liverpool with her husband, Terry, and their children, none of them old enough to be left alone, yet. Maeve, Brendan's younger sister is 21 and studying to be a nurse...what they called a Sister. And things are prosperous enough for them to have a phone and live in a new place in the redeveloped area. Maybe I should reverse it, where Maeve's off in Edinburgh at nursing school and Mairead's home with their mother.

I dunno. I'm off on another job, tomorrow...a 6 hour plane I may just try thinking about it on that. It's a whirlwind job, coming back on a redeye so I don't have an additional night's hotel room. I'm getting tired of that. At least I've indulged in a higher-priced seat on JetBlue so there's room enough for me to relax and open my laptop and just start typing.

Sometimes writing gibberish and bullshit is the best way to find reality.

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