Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Well...I've done it...

I put every bit of spit and vinegar I could into Killing Moon. Got a lot of shit out of my system ... and it's brutal. Obnoxious. Cruel. Maybe even offensive. No ... probably ... and I love it.

It’s set in North Carolina’s backwoods country ... you know – that lovely land where  Deliverance  took place. A bible-thumping preacher named Avery makes a deal with the devil to raise a demon in exchange for him killing 5 innocent people and getting a crowd to kill 1 more for all the right reasons. He claims it’s to prove the reality of evil but he’s really doing it to save his son from drugs.

His first kills are 2 girls his son was getting high with. Then 4 college kids – Mike, Joe, Lissa and Troy – arrive to spend Spring Break at Troy’s father’s cabin by a nearby lake. Lissa and Troy are a couple, as are Mike and Joe ... if Mike can get over thinking he caused his brother’s death in a car wreck. He keeps having visions of the guy’s bloody corpse.

But it turns out Mike is the only one capable of stopping Avery before he achieves his goal. Avery senses this, blames him for the murders, and rouses the town to hang him…in front of live cable news feeds. Kind of hard to stop a demon when you’re dead.

So, yes ... I’ve got every cliche in the book of horror movie-making -- kids on Spring Break at an isolated cabin, screwing each other and having oblivious fun as a serial killer lurks nearby ... along with a religious villain, gay heroes who actually do have sex, a lynching at the hands of a “Christian” mob, a church burning, and while Mike is now white, Joe is Jewish and from Texas, and learned how to fire a gun when he was called a “queer Christ killer.” All in 92 pages.

It’s like Friday the 13th done by John Waters, albeit without the scatological references. Never gonna get made, but I don’t give a fuck. It’s done and it’s mean, and I love it.

Woo-hoo …


Michael said...

This sounds incredibly entertaining. I'm sure it's better than the seemingly endless number of low quality direct-to-Redbox horror films that get made all the time.

JamTheCat said...

I hope so...and I know it will piss some people off if it gets made. But the story is being told like it wants to be told, so let 'em be...and isn't that half the fun?