Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Another step done...

I got the PDF proof of LD and it looked good, so I ordered a physical copy. That should arrive in a few days, and it it looks okay, The Lyons' Den will be available for sale in paperback at $10.99. I've already sold some ebooks through Smashwords, and while I wasn't planning on doing the Kindle thing till the beginning of May, I'm thinking of putting it off...depending on how this goes. I hope this new cover and lower price will give it new life.

I'm also up to date on all my Bowker ISBN information. Retailers can look up books through them to verify information, and some of my info was out-dated. Not no more. It's mind-numbing work...but now it's done and all I will need to do is input the Kindle version of LD once I issue it. Then...once the paperback is available...comes wrangling Amazon into line. That...I do not look forward to.

But at least I can shift back to The Alice '65 and get that ready. I have a pile of notes to add to it along with ideas on how to expand its "lost in Wonderland" feel. For example, Adam gets a henna tattoo on his left hand during the flight to LAX, which infuriates Orisi (the style guru brought in by Casey)...until he realizes he knows the artist so has her come do the right hand. I may have him bring her into the bathroom as Adam is soaking in the tub. A shy guy suddenly naked before a married punkette and her child...and maybe her punk husband. Of course, this all snowballs into later complications and insanity.

Seems I love having my characters either be insane or be surrounded by it. I wonder that says about me? I can be crazy. Even a bit self-destructive. I do still wonder why the hell I'm not further along in my chosen career, sometimes, and can only say it's probably because I consistently take the wrong path. When I should go left, I go right. When I should stop, I plow forward. And I take far too long to figure it out, once it's happened.

It's the dyslexic in me.

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