Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Odd day...

I drove the long way to Niagara Falls, today, along the 384, then walked around and took some photos and video (will share some, tomorrow). After a couple of hours, I drove to Rochester for BBQ. There's a restaurant called Sticky Lips that's fairly good...well, good enough for a 60 mile trip each way if you're dying for decent brisket; there's nothing like that in Buffalo. But it felt right, getting out of the apartment and just wandering.

What made the day odd was...I started thinking about a couple of short scripts I'd written and how they would work nicely up in this area. One's called I Watch You and is about someone obsessed with a young married couple, with a twist -- it's a woman focused on the husband and not caring the wife is pregnant. I've been told this is the creepiest thing I've ever written.

I was trying to a form of video poetry mixing words and images and such but let it go because it's over 20 pages long. It would still probably wind up as a 15 minute piece, but it would be a lot of work to produce...and probably not cheap. I'd need a maternity store, a fine-dining restaurant, and a print shop to shoot in, not to mention a townhouse. And there's an alley behind the restaurant, which in and of itself isn't so difficult, but it all needs to be as if shot off an iPhone and spyware. At least 3 dozen short, quick setups.

The other is Unfinished Business...which I had almost decided to blend into my script, Mine To Kill. And may, yet. MTK is about an empathic-intuitive intern who was fired from his first hospital because he sensed the cop he was working on was a bastard. The man died and he was blamed. He gets another chance at a hospital where his cousin works as a resident, and he falls into the same situation -- this time with a cruel lawyer and his wife, a brilliant research doctor who was obsessed with the man. The lawyer dies and the wife thinks she can bring him back to life...but only if she kills the intern.

It was a bit too incoherent to work, really. A friend of mine said it was two movies -- the intern's and the wife's -- and I ought to pick one or the other to tell. I tried, and lost interest.

UB, however, is also about a young intern, though this one just lost his first patient. Then he is forced to save the live of a wounded criminal or be killed...and do it without any tools or medicine. He barely manages to. I tried to make it as suspenseful as I could...and think I did. Got some good feedback on it.

Anyway, IWY kept nudging me throughout the day. As I walked around the Falls. As I drove to and from Rochester. I'm not sure why since I have so much to work on with my books...but it didn't stop.

And I'm halfway wondering what it would cost to make...and make good...

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