Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day trippin'

I had to pop down to Rockport, today, to do some business at my Texas bank. Seems that's the closest branch of Chase to where I now live. I then hopped over to Rochester to try out a barbecue place called Dinosaur's. Not worth the trip. The brisket was tough. The sauce was on the sweet side (and we're talking what they called hot and spicy). And what they call a macaroni salad makes no sense to me; I've never seen that made with a creamy sauce before. It was WAY overpriced and very noisy, but the cornbread was good.

I worked on BC-3 when I got home, after talking to my brother and sister about my mother. She's in the hospital, again, this time due to being given meds that were really too strong for her. She's all calm and relaxed, now she's got an IV in her and is being monitored by nurses. Be warned of Flurbiprofen; it's a hell of a lot stronger than you think and should be started at 5mg a dose, not 10.

Thing is, my little brother, Kelly, and my sister, Jeri, handled I feel all right being up here instead of needing to rush down to SA to take care of everything. Which is good, because next weekend I'm in Seattle and then I'm down to Denver for a packing job.

Going back through BC-3, I can see inconsistencies and changes that need to be made, especially since Allen and Eric have such different styles of writing and methods of expressing themselves. Allen's proving to be a bit of an "English" snob, using commas a lot and overly precise verbiage. Eric's manner of writing is looser and more chatty, similar in tone to Brendan's and the one I'm most comfortable with. This draft is where I'm aligning each style with each and keeping them from overlapping. Plus Allen's occasionally drifting from his point without realizing it while Eric bounces around but still keeps his focus. It's fun watching them both evolve.

It's also good for me, because I'm reminding myself that it's the rewriting where everything comes together in my stories, really. I keep having to discover that, and it's silly. Get the first draft done THEN start honing the details. Works a lot better. And so what if you go through the story a dozen times? I did that with my scripts until I had them to the point I wanted them...and that was usually when I couldn't change anything but bits of dialog or grammar.

Now...I have to say...the idea of working up the beginning of "Darian's Point" is rolling about in my head. But I don't know what to call it, yet. I know the characters; I know the action; I know the tone; I know I'll write it in third person omniscient...I just don't know the title. "The Beginning of Darian's Point" is tedious in the extreme.

I wonder if I could write it as a movie on the page?

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