Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Focus is my middle name

Not. Except when I want it to be. And I mean REALLY want. Like working on BC-3...this uproar in Texas slowed me down some but hasn't stopped the flow...except for one thing. I'd done some polishing earlier on the last four chapters of the book prior to starting my new polish...and then somehow lost the updates. I thought I saved them but apparently I didn't, because I went through one chapter where I knew I'd changed this meeting Eric has on an airplane, but none of my changes were there. much for focus.

Except I do have the first half as good as I can get it. It's the second half that will need some fine tuning, still, even after this pass.

I'm all set to fly to Seattle on the 9th then on to Denver on the 12th and back to Buffalo on the 16th. I was already set up with a round-trip ticket to SeaTac and back so had to redo the return. One of the great things about Southwest is, they'll work with you on changing your ticket without hundreds of dollars in fees and penalties. I still had to pay more, but it was half what I was expecting to be charged, so it worked out neatly.

Things are beginning to calm down in SA. Sister's talking to sister in law. Both brothers are talking. Mom's feeling better and much more alert. Her doctor wants her to undergo some physical therapy in a rehab facility. Sister in law's going to handle setting that up. Typical. Nuclear one day; peaches and cream the next.

Damned Irish.

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