Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seattle has a REAL airport

I really do like SeaTac Airport. As you exit security, you enter a massive lobby area with food and shops and chairs all about and, best of all, a HUGE picture window looking out over the main runways, nearby hills covered with trees and distant mountains. You can sit and eat and watch planes land and take off with some of the Cascade Mountains in the background. Wifi is free -- no Boingo necessary -- and you have choices out the wazoo. Baltimore's airport comes close to this, just without the selection or the huge window (or any mountains) but just about every other airport I've been in is pathetic in comparison. They give off the attitude of "Don't stop; keep moving; don't bother me."

BC is up to 280 pages and 67,500 words. And seems stuck there. Which means I FINALLY have everything in I need and am now just to the point where I'm rearranging words. Ronnie Marques jumped back in with some surprising information that he refused to discuss with Eric. Attitudes shifted, intensifying the least, I think so. Meaning I think the story's as solid as I can make it, now, and everything is pretty much tied up at the end. When I get home I'll print out a hard copy and go through it for typos and inconsistencies, then it'll be ready to go.

I'm sending it to the same publisher to finish up the set. It's not about money, right now; it's about finishing the trilogy in a consistent manner -- same look, same place to buy it, all that stuff. But I am talking to the publisher about me putting out a single volume of it on my own. Amazon offers self-publishing and Kindle and such. This will also be the last book I send him until he pays me what he owes me. And I've told him I have several more in the pipeline, hoping to give him the impetus to do so.

Now I'm headed for Denver, and this job has already caused problems -- the things I'm packing are in a basement, making it harder to deal with; my boxes weren't delivered to my hotel, today, but will be in the morning...a decision made without my input; I can't start packing until Wednesday afternoon due to family issues with the client...if I get to then; and it's in Denver, which is a mile above sea level so the air is thinner. I've already been told by people who've traveled there to make use of the oxygen bars in the city. I think I will.

Ah, the life of a travelin' man.

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