Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twists and turns

Okay...first my credit card number gets stolen, Sunday, and used to buy crap in Manila, but it was noticed my my cc company and frozen before they could get anywhere with it.   So now I'm without a credit card till the new one comes in, and I have to rework all my auto-charges.  It's a royal pain, though not as nasty as it could have been had I used my ATM card.

Then my mother goes back into the hospital, yesterday, and looks like she's deteriorating...but now she's doing better.  But I'm still thinking I should get down to SA for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas simply because she's been whispering back and forth between better and worse for a couple weeks now.

Then I get to work and find out I'm going to Toronto to handle the load-in for the book fair there.  I thought someone else was going.  They wanted me drive up in the morning and be there at 7:30 am -- meaning leave Buffalo at 5:30 am to deal with Toronto traffic.  No way in hell am I doing that.  I'll be the perfect asshole all day, then, so I'm driving up tonight and staying in a Best Western.  Needless to say, I am NOT a morning person.

I'm returning Monday to handle the shipping out of the items...if all goes well with customs and the GST...but that doesn't require me so till noon so no big deal.'s been a fun week.  And yesterday was so non-stop, I forgot to blog.  And this one's getting cut off because I need to leave in a minute.

Ah, the joy of adulthood.  I want to leave with a little something to ease my way...Catherine Deneuve showing the world exactly how madame la Cougar should be.  Zut alors!


Writer said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Definitely go for Thanksgiving AND Christmas!! I hope you got to have some fun in Toronto. I've never been but always here fabulous things.

And, thank you for posting the pic: I think I just had a bisexual moment. Yum on both accounts! I'm definitely an ass man. LOL

JamTheCat said...

"Bisexual moment" huh? I can understand. I'd have switched sides for least, for a little while. But in reality, je suis "madame le Cougar." Absolument.

(And that's about the extent of my French.)

Brad Rushing said...

I think that image is photoshopped. The guys head is too big for his body. But also we saw this photo on a magazine cover in France just a few days ago and I remember it being a different guy.