Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Buffaloed, again

I am not going through Burbank Airport again, if I can help it. For such a busy place, you can't find squat when it comes to food. Maybe there was something at the other end of the mile-long corridor that lead to Terminal B, but all I saw was seats for gates and blank wall. Even the magazine shop was a major disappointment.

You see, my flight was at 11, so I tried to get some food to take with me since Southwest has only snacks and I was not changing planes. Couldn't. I could get a breakfast burrito from the one grill that seemed to be open inside the terminal (once you're past a really pathetic security screening area), but I didn't want that. I wanted a turkey sandwich. Sorry, breakfast isn't over yet.

I finally found a pre-packaged one mixed in with the chicken sandwiches so grabbed it and ran. After paying, of course. It was okay, but at LAX I could have gotten anything from pizza to Mexican Food to friggin' MacDonalds, for crying out loud. I know it's fair game to bash LAX, but I actually like the airport. I can find plugs for my laptop so I can save the battery for the actual flight, since Southwest doesn't offer AC on their planes, either. You can get to your plane without walking in the rain (which did not stay on the plain since this was not Spain...though it used to be, centuries ago). It's not the best; Seattle and Baltimore are friendlier. Still, I prefer LAX to Burbank, hands down.

I did get a fair amount of writing done on the trip home, even though Southwest once again packed the plane to the rafters. Not one empty seat, and there was one guy who really should have been in two of them, believe me. Fortunately, he sat down the plane from my row and squeezed in what looked like newlyweds. Great way to start a marriage, right honey?

Still, none of this can take away from how much I loved being in LA and seeing all my friends, again. I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with, nor do I make serious friends I treasure these people and cannot wait to get back to see them.

I read an article in Southwest's magazine that may help me change my directionless life to one of better focus. 'Nuff said on that, right now, but it's part of my brave new plan to get back to LA.

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