Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Perfect timing

That's what today's been, nothing but perfect timing to screw things up. I worked at the Library of Congress, today, supervising the building of 420 boxes onto 14 skids to go into 2 trucks. We got 10 done and down and in the truck so only had 4 left...and ten minutes before we were done, the one and only freight elevator in the entire building broke down.

After waiting a couple hours to get it fixed, we commandeered a couple of regular elevators and sent the skids down on those, with the pallet jack going in a separate elevator. Took twice as long, but the freight elevator was still not working when we finally left at 3pm.

I hadn't had lunch, so I stopped to have an overpriced burger (with some excellent fries) before leaving DC...and got caught in traffic, of course. My goal was to be in New Haven by 9:30 but when I got to the George Washington Bridge to cross on the 95, it got shut down for half an hour just as I hit the toll booth. Apparently they were going to do some work on it so closed off two lanes on this inside, and no one could be on the bridge till they were done setting everything up, I guess. Then when traffic finally got moving, again, it was going so slowly it was like almost going backwards. So I finally arrived at 11pm.

Normally I like driving, but this time was a chore.

At least I got more notes written down for "...Owen Taylor" while waiting at the bridge. Jake and Antony wind up going head to head with a homophobic DDA in California, and Jake learns just how much of a scorched-earth personality his beloved Tone has.

As the joys of having notepaper and a half-hour to kill in NYC.

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