Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to the pad

I think from now on I'm going to avoid driving through Pennsylvania, if I can. I thought their governor was one of those "I don't want any federal stimulus from Obama" types, but it seems no matter where I go in that state, there's some kind of construction going on along the highways. Driving to DC a couple weeks back, I got caught in a nasty snarl near Pittsburgh that took an hour to get through. Today, driving back from NYC, I ran into a 10 mile long backup just north of Scranton that took 2 hours to get through.

Yes, that's 5 miles per hour for 10 miles, and it would've been longer but the road crew was picking up the cones that cut the freeway down to one lane when I reached the end of it. And since it was hot and slow, this nearly new minivan I was driving began to overheat, so I had to get off the road and check the coolant. It seemed to have plenty, so maybe it was a sensor problem...but I went through a fair stretch of road with no AC before I reached an exit.

I'd planned to come up towards Albany and connect with the 17 then take that to Binghamton. It's a lovely stretch off country; I took a very similar route a couple years back when I was checking out the logistics for LD. Wish I'd followed my instincts.

BUT...the job I did yesterday doubled in sized and suddenly wound up including 9 framed pieces of artwork that needed to be crated for transport. So instead of taking them to a warehouse by JFK to be put onto a pallet and shipped out, I took them to an art transport facility in Orange, NJ and stayed the night in a Courtyard Inn instead of a Best Western.

It's amazing what an extra $50 a night gets you -- top-notch WiFi, a spacious room, a quiet AC unit, everything working. Then again, it was in West Orange (I think) and the entrance back onto the freeway was so poorly marked, I missed it...even when I realized I'd gone too far and had to turn back around. Meaning yes, I missed it going the other direction, as well. There was one sign posted halfway down the entrance to the freeway that told me what it was. Nothing else that I could see, anywhere.

Of course, I could just be getting blind and senile in my old age.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm too old to have a new crush --
Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters. I watched the official "Let's Have A Kiki" video and he's in lavender pants rattling a tambourine. Just plain adorable.
Closer shot of Del? Right here.

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