Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Graphs and games and mindless, oh my

Off to NYC in the am, so today was spent getting ready to make sure I have everything I need for three different jobs. I've got a mini-van loaded up to the roof with materials and boxes of things I've already packed, but I didn't have all my info together, yet. I'm still not sure I do, but I was close to mind-melding with a Dixon-Ticonderoga #2 so I finally stopped.

I finally learned to do my stuff in pencil so I can erase it when it doesn't work out right and redo the bits that need redoing then fill them in by pen instead of having to start from scratch; that way the damn thing looks decent when I'm done.

What's going to be nice about tomorrow's drive to NYC is, the van has cruise, I can use EZ Pass to get through the toll booths, and it has a CD player. I know I should just break down and get myself an iPod or something and load my music into that, but I'm too damn broke and too damn cheap to do it.

OT's been on mental hold while I focus on these jobs, but I can tell Jake's getting restless. He doesn't have as long a history with me as does Brendan, so he doesn't know how I work...and don't work. If I do get to take some time off in August (not my favorite time of year to do anything) I'll try and get a first draft of the book finished.

I am going to say...Jake will not have a pistol or any sort of weapon. This is understood between us. After the horror of what happened in Colorado, I can't add to the religion of the gun. And that is what it's become, in this country. The NRA is the new religion, partnering with the right wing nuts and Tea Party scum to bring their brand of communism to the US -- one that uses so many of Stalin's tactics, cloaking them with Christian commentaries and a fetishistic focus on the 2nd Amendment, like this is what God wants.

And the fact is, if God himself came down and told them they were full of shit, they'd call him a commie-socialist-pinko-fag-lover. Which he is, if they'd actually pay attention to the Bible.

So Jake don't get to blow nobody away (no puns intended, here). He just destroys them. No...annihilates them.

THAT is what makes someone a bad-ass -- not needing a gun to prove you got a dick.

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