Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, February 25, 2013


...Deeper and deeper into "The Alice '65", and in doing so I'm finding Casey. I've been keeping her too down to earth and not at all interesting. But I've adjusted her first interaction with Adam and several aspects along the way to the premier and party, and it's getting closer to what they need to be.

Lando's still being difficult, but he's starting to realize he's got to do something or he's going to vanish into the shadows. And I've trimmed back some nonsense bits that added nothing but space to the story. I can keep them in the book version.

I found the perfect placard for me. I nearly died laughing the first time I read it, it's so damn true. Of course, I never did make friends easily, and living in Buffalo, which is a very insular town, makes it even harder. So my best buddies right now are my characters.

I'm still able to feel pain and sorrow for real people. In fact, when I once made the comment I might become a serial killer, a coworker instantly said I'd never make it as one; I have too much empathy. Maybe that's why my most vicious work, HTRASG, keeps getting basically good reactions; I felt both for Curt and the victims of his revenge, and it showed on the page.

I wonder if I ever could write a character devoid of a heart or pain, just nothing but cruel? I doubt it. Even Allen, who causes so much grief in "Bobby Carapisi" has himself explained in such a way as you can understand why he became like he did. And his punishment is beyond cruelty. But I show that it is unacceptable. Show that what happens to him is evil.

Of course, I could just be talking myself into an arrogance unjustified in my actual abilities...which I wouldn't mind, right now.

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