Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, February 18, 2013


I left my hotel early because I couldn't even send e-mails on my business site. It would freeze up and I'd get kicked off before it could be sent. The company I work for uses this amazingly limited off-site service called Network Solutions that hates Macs, so if I don't keep sending messages every 2 minutes, it closes on me. Marry that to WiFi that doesn't like to do anything in less than 5 minutes, and you get nowhere very very slowly.

And it's most sites this happens to. It took me 10 minutes to check in with Southwest. The site froze, then I had to shut down and restart everything, including my WiFi connection, then I had to refresh twice...and finally I was able to get in and go through the laborious process of getting my boarding pass set up. And trying to post on my blog? No way in hell. Oh, I can input it, but I can't post it. The thing just vanishes.

But apparently it's not just my hotel that's a problem. At the Concourse, the WiFi was fast and efficient, but here at San Francisco's airport, it's almost as slow as at Best Western. For a city that's supposed to be so Tech-savvy, San Francisco is way behind the times. In London, I'd connect in nothing flat no matter where I went or what I logged on to.

What's even more fun, Best Western has its wall lights on timers. I was sitting in a nice hot tub, soaking and reading, when the light went off. I nearly fell trying to get up and turn it back on. Maybe I should have and sued the bastards.

Enough whining. I'm reading a book on writing comedy, and while it seems to be on the simplistic side, it has freed my mind as regards "The Alice '65" in ways I hadn't thought possible. What's interesting is, I'd already done a number of the things they suggest in the book -- a fish out of water main character, his comic blow-up, him needing something and there being characters surrounding him, those sorts of things.

I do need more of an arc for Adam; he starts at too self-controlled a point, and his ending is not as advanced as I'd like. I also got some fun bits to add to the process. So even though the book's not all least, at first's proving to actually be all that.

Shows me not to judge so quickly.

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