Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I tried one last time to get my power adaptor to work in my laptop...and it did. Both in the three-prong mode and in the adjustable two-prong bit. Could it be that there were four power outlets not working at Baltimore's airport? Maybe...but it's still weird.

So I canceled the Genius bar and focused on A65, some more.  I got 28 pages tightened up and Patricia's getting clearer. Casey's still a bit too subdued for this; I need to find some way of letting her rip out of her shell. And show that she's in one.

Tomorrow's Daylight Savings time, and I hate that shit. It throws me off for a good week.

I found out my nephew's been accepted to an advanced Master's Program in architecture at UCLA! Made me very happy. He's amazing when he works on his buildings. Right now he's teaching architecture at Texas Tech, which is supposedly one of the premier schools for that, so he'd have to leave there...but it's a great step for him.

My other nephew is working at becoming a real estate mogul. I've tried to help him, but my income is too pitiful to let me even be a co-signer to a property he wants to buy, and my credit union won't even think about financing a property that's out of state, for me. Oh well, I never wanted to own property. It ties you down and becomes a second job. I already have one of those -- I'm a writer.

I got to pack some of Thornton Wilder's archives, including his original copy of "Shadow of a Doubt". I'm still kind of lost in "holeeeeeeeeeee shit" land.

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