Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Updating the synopsis

Here's the current incarnation of my synopsis for "The Alice '65". It tells the ending of the story, so be warned. I'm fighting to keep it on one page.
Books are ADAM VERLAIN’s life, so when his university sent him from London to Los Angeles to pick up a rare edition of “Alice in Wonderland” (an “Alice ’65”), he was ecstatic, even though he must leave his careful, cloistered world.

But then Adam meets CASEY BLANCHARD, the movie star who inherited “The Alice”. She casually upends his every plan by insisting he accompany her to a premier of her latest film. Casey claims it’s to show up her ex-boyfriend, LANDO GRISSOM, this year’s big action-movie hero, but Adam senses other reasons lie behind her request. Still, he agrees.

Of course, Adam’s clothes are hardly trendy, but that’s no problem. Casey has ORISI, a Beverly Hills super-style-guru, rebuild him – starting with a bubble bath and including black briefs...with silver sequins. “They even gave me a pedicure,” cries a stunned Adam. “I’ve never had one of those.” “No need to state the obvious,” Orisi snarls back. Still, Adam winds up gorgeous in a HAWT, sleek suit.

Naturally, Casey and Lando see each other at the premier and snipe back and forth in dueling interviews. Things only get worse during the after-premier party at Lando’s Beverly Hills home. There, he and Casey slide into a mean argument, and Adam is thrown out when he intervenes. Worried, Adam sneaks in through the backyard...but nearly becomes dinner for a black panther named Gertrude, is almost drowned, is humiliated in front of the entire party, and worst of all, realizes Casey was just using him as an insult to her ex.

Then Adam discovers “The Alice” has vanished, Gertrude’s escaped and wants to be his girl, and his boss was using him as a diversion to keep an avaricious Australian from stealing the book. What’s even worse? Despite the lies and chaos and manipulations, Adam has fallen for Casey. And it looks like she may have fallen for him, too.

Well...once things calm down, Adam figures out Lando has “The Alice” and plans to give it to the Australian. He and Casey race to a private airport to confront him over it. All hell tears loose, a private jet is almost wrecked, and the book is shredded into confetti by the plane’s engines.

Only it wasn’t; Adam replaced the book with some colorful pamphlets and snuck it back to London. There he learns Casey does care for him. So, even though there’s no need to state the obvious, Adam’s life has gone from a cloistered world to a wonderland of his own. Thanks to the “Alice 65.”

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