Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I worked on OT some, another 1100 words worked out and a moment between Jake and Dion that sets everything to falling into place. But I've also been thinking about everything I've done or planned to do since I became a writer.

These are just some of the works I've written (or planned to write); this does not include scripts I've rewritten for others:


BUGZTERS – Eleven-year-old Alex accidentally traps some aliens in his iMac and has to get them back into space before they’re found by some bad aliens, a greedy toymaker, a pack of maniacal mothers who think they’re the latest toy and two intense government agents. (Planning to make this a book)

THE LAVENDER CURSE – A cop’s mind is switched into the body of his not-so-beloved mother-in-law’s – and hers into his – just as he’s planning to make a huge arrest and she’s about to appear in a Senior Lady Pageant in Vegas. And each is forced to go through with the other’s plans!

COWBOY KING OF TEXAS – An old west hero turns out to be much less than that when the “notorious outlaw” he killed turns up alive and angry on the day of the hero’s wedding to the perfect woman. (Based on “The Playboy of the Western World” by John Millington Synge)(Planning to make this a play)

FIVE DATES -- A high school girl must go on five dates with the school freak or her brother will go to jail. (Loosely based on “Beauty and the Beast”)

THE LYONS’ DEN – A young, gay writer goes to an isolated cabin to rush through his latest project only to wind up embroiled in conspiracy, political payoffs, danger, near insanity and romance. (Based on “The 7 Keys to Baldpate” by Earl Derr Biggers, play version by James M. Cohan; also written as a play)(Published as a book)


DAIR’S WINDOW – A gay artist tries to rebuild his life after the death of his lover only to find he has to fight not just the casual cruelty of the world but also non-stop memories of happier times and his own inability to let go of the past.

WIDE NEW WORLD – In modern Dublin, a young father rekindles his dream of becoming a photographer and starts a chain of events that begin to tear his family apart. (Written as a play under the title STILL LIFE)

STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING – The true story of Beryl Markham, the first woman to fly from London to America…completely alone.


DELAY EN ROUTE – An innocent stop in Paris traps an American fighter pilot in a web of eco-terrorism, conflicting loyalties…and romance.

FIND RAY TARKOVSKY – Acting classes can’t help this hot young actor find a killer hiding in witness protection, but they might help him save his son.

IRON CROSS – A man goes to Shanghai to save his kidnapped brother only to learn that he’s not just fighting for his brother’s life, he’s fighting for his own.


BLOOD ANGEL – Would a man destroy his soul to be with an angel? That's the question at the heart of this erotic-horror-romance, where a vampire seduces a young musician in post-Katrina New Orleans in order to make him into a murderous creature like herself.

DARIAN’S POINT – In 1910, an architect returns to Ireland with his American wife and discovers his dark and frightening birthright in this brooding tale of ancient horror.

RETURN TO DARIAN’S POINT – A young man flies to Ireland to settle his family’s estate only to find himself trapped by his family’s ancient curse. Sequel to “Darian’s Point.”

MINE TO KILL – A brilliant woman convinces herself that she can bring her philandering husband back to life so they can kill the young intern who “let him die.”

KILLING MOON – A preacher makes a deal with the devil then goes on a killing spree to fulfill his end of the bargain. A gay college student and his lover are the only ones who can stop him before a demon is raised to rule over the earth.

WE-COME – A group of shredders (skateboarder kids) fights a creature from another planet that wants to use them as its power source so it can get home.

THE LOFT - Seven people are trapped in a loft with a demon that wants them to kill themselves so it can be released.


INHERENT FLAWS – A young cop stumbles onto a conspiracy in the New York City police department that threatens not only him but everyone he knows. Based on a true story. (Published book as “NYPD Blood”)

BANDIT COUNTRY – A freak accident turns a trip to the forest into a hellish nightmare, where hunter becomes hunted and survival is the only rule.

BRAND OF JUSTICE – She’s a good cop caught in the middle of a brutal conspiracy that's already cost the life of her brother-in-law and now has the deadly hand of vengeance threatening to derail her life and tear her world even farther apart. (Planning to write this as a book)

COBY O’ AND THE PINK PALACE OF TEXAS – A young groundskeeper finds a hidden passage into the Texas Capitol Building and begins passing secrets to a reporter he has a crush on.

KAZN – A young Russian soldier slips into America to exact vengeance against the man who killed his family…only to fall in love with the killer’s daughter and wonder if he’s being used to murder the wrong man.


HOW TO RAPE A STRAIGHT GUY – An ex-con thinks he’s found a way to get even with the world but winds up in a situation quickly spinning out of control.

PORNO MANIFESTO – A man who was gay-bashed set out on a course of revenge when he learns the police are protecting his bashers.

RAPE IN HOLDING CELL 6, volumes 1&2 – A young man investigates the murder of his lover in a jail cell and uncovers a conspiracy of rape and murder that threatens not only him but the new man in his life.

BOBBY CARAPISI, volumes 1, 2 &3 – What happens when two men – one gay, one straight – are raped, as told from each man’s viewpoint…and the point of view of their rapist.


THE 6 DAYS OF JEMMYTEE – An artist prepares for his first showing but needs one last painting to round things out and finds his inspiration has vanished. (Screenplay or book?)

THE VANISHING OF OWEN TAYLOR – A man investigates the disappearance of his uncle as he reviews the direction his own life has taken. (Book)

CARLI KILLS – A woman sets out to avenge the rape and suicide of her sister, but slowly comes to realize you can’t choose who you get even with once you’ve started down that path. (Screenplay or book?)

A PLACE OF SAFETY – A boy growing up in Northern Ireland, between 1966 and 1981, just wants to live his life…but hate and anger keep getting in the way. (Book)

THE GOLDEN SEA – A soccer star in decline connects with a woman grieving for the death of her husband and son, with each helping the other to heal as life tears at them. (Book)

UPLANDERS – In the post global-warming future, a select few live in protected cities while the rest of humanity approaches extinction…except for the Uplanders. So two men set out to learn why…and hasten their annihilation. (Screenplay)


CYBER-TRIBES – Hackers fight back against control of the internet by the corporate gods (Based on Aristophanes’ “The Birds”)

As I said, this is only partial. I've written 32 screenplays, 6 novels and lots of one-act plays and short stories. I have an obligation to the scripts and future works. The characters trusted me to tell their stores, which I did, but that's only half the job. The rest is getting them seen in some way...and since I've totally screwed up my attempts at film, I need to do something else with them.

Got a lot of writing to do.


Mind Of Mine said...

At what point did it click and you told yourself.

Thats it, I am a writer?

JamTheCat said...

Being a stubborn little mule whose initial intent was to direct, I don't think I really accepted that I'm more of a writer till about 6 years ago, when my first book was published and I got some positive feedback on it. I'd written it in as visual a style as possible...and found I like working that way.

I think of music and images when I write; in fact, I can't really get the rhythm of a story until I know the song or melody that goes with it. I still want to direct...but not if it gets in the way of me telling the stories I've been given by my characters. Which will be a problem unless I finance the project myself. That ain't gonna happen unless I play the lottery and win, so I focus on writing as visually as possible.