Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My brother has a job

My youngest brother, Kelly, called and told me he finally landed a full-time job with an apartment complex. He starts in 2 weeks, because he was doing fill-in work for a carpet layer and they had some places they had to complete...but if they get done sooner, he may start sooner.

I feel so glad for him. He'd stopped working when our mother went in the hospital the first time; she needed someone to be with her once she got out, and he since lived in her apartment, he was the one. I was up in Buffalo trying to rebuild my finances, my sister was juggling her job and kids and a grandbaby and the fact that she and Kelly don't get along very well, and my other brother was just plain AWOL.

But mom died in August 2011 and he'd been out of the workforce too long. Plus he had problems that needed addressing -- like his teeth. So I supported him while my sister paid to get some major dental work done. He wound up having everything pulled and now has dentures. Once that was done, he started pushing to find a steady job...and now he has one.

My other brother wanted to put him in a homeless shelter, let him live on the street if need be. I'd promised mom I wouldn't let that happen, and I didn't. And it hurt me, in a lot ways. But now Kelly's back in the work force. And I feel good about it all.

I still have to pay back taxes and find some way of working down my debt. But I kept my promise. I can sleep at night.

I think working on Jake's personality helped me with this. He keeps his word. He can be trusted. At least I try to be like Jake in that way. But far too much of me is Antony. And right now in the story, Jake is close to giving up on him.

That scares me. I don't want him to. And I'm working like crazy to figure out some way to make the two of them come back together.

Wish I'd been able to do something like this in real life...


Michael said...

The thought of Jake giving up on Antony breaks my heart but, let's face it, Antony is an emotionally unstable complete wreck and I'm no stranger to ending relationships for that very reason. Keeping him from spinning out of control must be exhausting for Jake. Still hoping for a happy ending but life is tragic and such are the greatest love stories.

JamTheCat said...

Hmm...I wonder who you're referring to? Hmm...

To be honest, I like it when I don't even know the final resolution of the story I'm writing until it's over. If I can't tell until the very end, hopefully whoever's reading it can't.

I do know this -- it won't be like "Romeo and Juliet" or even "West Side Story." But that's all I know.

I think.