Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Jake just popped up with a new that explains everything. Son of a bitch...that little bastard...he's having all kinds of fun messing with me. It doesn't change much in the story; it just begins to bring together everything I've written and why I'm dropping some things.

He's also changed his image in my mind. Sorry Will, but Aidan Turner's become the visualization I need for Jake in this story.

Now Jake can growl as he tries to figure out Tone and his freaky brain while maintaining his love for the bat-shit crazy little fuck. Will Fennell's whole persona just didn't fit, anymore; he was too much like a happy puppy out to make everyone joyous. Aidan's more like an alley cat who can handle himself in a fight.

Same for when Jake sorts out just what the hell happened to his uncle, and why...and how he can never reveal it. His face cannot expose his awareness of this...and yet it must be obvious enough to those who know him for them to see -- he's a man who can keep his secrets, and for all the right reasons...unlike Tone, who keeps his secrets out of fear.

Of course, that's the key I was looking for. The mystery is never solved, not publicly, because of the damage it would do to innocent people. But revenge will be taken. Jesus, will it.

And never mind I've said Aidan's the image of Thomas, the male lead of  my Irish Gothic-horror story, "Darian's Point". You takes your muses where they comes from, and fuck the rest.

Now once more into the breach, dear friends...

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